Special Sessions

The conference will include special sessions on highly focused topic reporting technical trends and breakthroughs within the scope of the conference. Special sessions are organized at the initiative of one or more individuals, who must adhere to specific procedures published in the

  • Call for Special Sessions
  • Special Sessions Proposal (template)
  • Special Sessions "Name" CfP (template)

The call for special sessions is now open. Please allow couple of days for the evaluations of proposals.

SS Chairs: Kim F Man (Hong Kong), Antonio Luque Estepa (Spain), Maria Valla (Argentina), Haitham Abu-Rub (Qatar) - Click here to contact.

For SS deadlines/other info, please contact the respective SS organizers.


Open Special Sessions

Human-System Interaction in Smart Environments

Jacek Ruminski (Poland), Kanghyun Jo (Korea), Hui Yu (UK) CfP

Biomedical Applications of Industrial Electronics

Oscar Lucia, Elisabetta Sieni, Hector Sarnago CfP

Machine Vision, Control and Navigation

Oleg Sergiyenko, Julio C. Rodríguez-Quiñonez, Moises Rivas-Lopez, Wendy Flores Fuentes CfP

Advanced Techniques for Smart Home and Prosumers

Djaffar Ould Abdeslam, Dirk Benyoucef CfP

Recent Advances in Multilevel Inverters for Renewable Energy Integration

Sertac Bayhan, Yushan Liu, Hasan Komurcugil CfP

DC Shipboard Power Systems for the future All Electric ships

Marco Cupelli, Daniele Bosich, Tuyen Vu CfP

Smart Automation, Control and ICT Concepts applied to Power and Energy System

Thomas Strasser, Paulo Leitão, Marco Cupelli, Sebastian Rohjans, Filip Pröstl Andrén CfP

Induction Heating Systems

Oscar Lucia, Michele Forzan, Claudio Carretero CfP

Advance Power Quality Conditioning Systems

Man-Chung WONG, Yunwei (Ryan) LI, Yongheng YANG, Chi-Seng LAM CfP

Aspects of Digital Twins for Power Electronics and Energy Systems

Markus Makoschitz, Johannes Stöckl, Thomas Strasser CfP

Collaborative Robots in Smart Manufacturing

Pedro Neto, Olovier Gibaru, Richard Bearee CfP

Impedance Source Converter Topologies and Applications

Dmitri Vinnikov, Ebrahim Babaei, Sertac Bayhan, Yushan Liu CfP

Reliability & Resilience for Smart Grids by Big Data, Power Electronics & Energy Storage

Man-Chung WONG, Chi-Seng LAM, Mo-Yuen CHOW CfP

Intelligent Robotics: Control, Sensors and Navigation

Maki K. Habib, Keigo Watanabe, Fusaomi Nagata CfP

Low Power Smart Sensors in Industrial Applications

António Espírito-Santo, Reza Abrishambaf, Victor Huang CfP

Modular Multilevel Converters and Applications

Abdul R Beig, Atif Iqbal, Jaroslaw Guzinski, Vinod Khadkikar CfP

Recent Developments in Sliding Mode Control and Its Applications

Hasan Komurcugil, Necmi Altin, Samet Biricik CfP

Distributed Real-Time Simulation and Lab-based Testing of Power Systems

Antonello Monti, Thomas Strasser, Rob Hovsapian, Andrea Benigni CfP

Stability of Low-inertia Power Systems and Microgrids

Ziang (John) Zhang, Yashen Lin, Brian Johnson CfP

Emerging Solutions for Vehicular Embedded Systems

Saad Mubeen, Lucia Lo Bello, Matthias Becker CfP

Innovative Approaches to Industrial Wireless Systems

Dr. Michele Luvisotto, Dr. Zhibo Pang, Victor Huang, Allen C. Chen CfP

Energy Harvesting for the Industrial IoT

Sebastian Bader, Alex Weddell CfP

Recent progress in human factors

Jinhua She, Sho Yokota, Xiangdong Liu CfP

Power electronics based new techniques for improving medium voltage electric grid performance

Chandan Kumar, Marco Liserre, Subhashish Bhattacharya CfP

Multi-functional grid connected converters: design, operation and control

Chandan Kumar, Mahesh K. Mishra, Hiralal Suryawanshi, Xiaoqiang Guo, Saad Mekhilef CfP

Advanced Multilevel Converters with DC Capacitors: Modulation, Voltage Balancing, and their Control Strategies

Dr. Mohamed Trabelsi, Dr. Hani Vahedi, Prof. Kamal AL-Haddad CfP

Motion Control in Highly Dynamic Mechatronic Systems

Michael Ruderman, Valentin Ivanov, Hiroshi Fujimoto CfP

Advanced Motion Control for Mechatronic Systems

Kazuaki Ito, Kenta Seki, Hiroshi Fujimoto, Tom Oomen CfP

Emerging Wireless Solutions and Applications for Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Smart City

Gerhard P. Hancke, Kim Fung Tsang, Hiroaki Nishi, Cheng-Jen Allen Chen CfP

Smart Technologies and Case Study for Industrial Applications and Safety

Kim Fung Tsang, Gerhard P. Hancke, Victor Huang, Moe Alahmad CfP

Smart Sensors for Industrial Applications Forum

Stoyan Nihtianov, Tan Zhichao, Boby George, Carmen Aracil CfP

Wireless Power Transfer

Chunhua Liu, Zhen Zhang CfP

Efficiency of Modern Data Centers

Prof. Valeriy Vyatkin, Prof. Hiroaki Nishi, Prof. Xiaojing Zhang, Dr. Arash Mousavi CfP

Big Data and Cyber Security in Smart Grids

Dr. Shady Khalil, Dr. Hussein Alnuweiri, Dr. Othmane Bouhali, Dr. Uraz Yavanoglu CfP

Modeling, management and control of energy storage systems in electric vehicles

Alexandre Ravey, Mario Porru, Prof. Alessandro Serpi CfP

Cloud Manufacturing

Lin Zhang, Lei Ren, M. Jamal Deen CfP

Energy Storage Management Systems for Transportation Electrification

Lalit Patnaik, Max Mauro Dias Santos CfP

Novel Energy Storage Solutions for E-Transportation and Smart Grid

Alfonso Damiano, Federico Baronti, Xiaosong Hu CfP

Electric Vehicle Charging Systems: Architectures, Communication, and Management

Kim Fung Tsang, Mo-Yuen Chow, Chengbin Ma CfP

Advanced Motion Control for Physical Human-Robot-Interaction

Tomoyuki Shimono, Emre Sariyildiz, Tarik Uzunovic, Sehoon Oh CfP

Emerging Wireless Technologies for Industrial Internet of Things

Adnan M. Abu-Mahfouz, Gerhard P. Hancke, Lei Shu, Chunsheng Zhu CfP

Advances in Data-Driven Process Monitoring and Control for Complex Industrial Systems

Hao Luo, Zhiwen Chen, Okyay Kaynak CfP

Advanced Control of Power Converters in Distributed Generation Systems

Hadi Y. Kanaan, Kamal Al-Haddad CfP

Intelligent Sensing Applications for Human Assistive Systems

Naoki Motoi, Hiroshi Igarashi CfP

Nonlinear Uncertain System Control With Application to Industrial Electronics

Huihui Pan, Tong Wang CfP

Smart Transformer: Design, Control and Impact on future disribution grid

Marco Liserre, Rongwu Zhu, Chunmin Tu CfP

Intelligent Control and Motion Planning in Robotic Systems

Prof. Qinyuan Ren, Dr. Wenyu Liang CfP

Recent Advances on Design and Control of Synchronous Reluctance and Switched Reluctance Machines

Morgan Kiani, Leila Parsa, Mahesh Krishnamurthy CfP

Power Electronics for the More Electric Aircraft

Marek Hicar, Alireza Javadi, Kamal Al-Haddad CfP

Control of Multiphase Drive System

Dr. Atif Iqbal, Dr. Obrad Dordevic, Dr. P. Sanjeevikumar CfP

Networked Control and Its Applications

Yu-Long Wang, Chen Peng, Bao-Lin ZhangCfP

Advanced Prognostics and Health Management of Industrial Systems

Bin Zhang, Marcos Orchard, George GeorgoulasCfP

Stability analysis and security control of hybrid networked systems

Wangli He, Jian Sun, Qing-Long Han CfP

HVDC Converters and systems: Modelling, Control and Stability Analysis

Gilbert Bergna-Diaz, Atousa Elahidoost, Elisabetta Tedeschi, Pericle Zanchetta CfP

Close Proximity Human-Romot Interaction

Ass. Prof. Mihoko Niitsuma, Prof. Trygve Thomessen, Prof. Yasuharu Kunii, Ass. Prof. Gabor Sziebig CfP

Energy Storage Systems for Smart Grids: Advanced topologies and control algorithms

Enrique Romero-Cadaval, Pedro Roncero-Sánchez, Joao Martins, Dmitri Vinnikov CfP

Emerging Converter Topologies and Control for High-Performance PV Systems

Samir Kouro, Andrii Chub, Yongheng YangCfP